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22 January
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Hello Internet World and All Who Dwell Within It,

My name is Kitty.

I am 19, half-Korean, a female, generally quiet, sarcastic, blunt, and a nerd. I live in Georgia...and I hate it.

Before Georgia, I lived in Alaska.
Before Alaska, I lived in Okinawa, Japan.
Before Okinawa, Japan, I lived in South Carolina.
Before South Carolina, I lived in California.
Before California, I lived in Kunsan, South Korea.
Before Kunsan, South Korea, I lived in Arizona...where I was born.

If you haven't already figure it out, I was born into a military family, the Air Force to be exact. I personally find myself very fortunate to have been able to travel as much as I have, because my experiences have made me into the person I am today.

As for looks, I am not pretty...and I'm not ugly. When people look at me, they ask "Are you Japanese?" or "Are you Chinese?"


I'm Korean.

It kind of annoys me. But, that's ok. People are ignorant. I forgive them.

I spend much of my time playing with my puppy, Daisy, reading, writing, sleeping, eating, or studying. I'm currently in the process of learning Korean, but learning a second language is tedious...so it's a slow process.

Some Pictures, Dudes.

This is me and my best friend Amber. An old picture...taken in high school...taken maybe 4-5 years ago. (I'm the one in white)

Ugh...my senior picture. Ugh...my eyes.

My baby girl, Daisy. I love her to death.

I'll probably add more later.